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Larry Watson: Painter

Published in The American Poetry Review Volume 40 No. 2

An excerpt:

During the week of July 20th 2010, the New York Times noted the deaths of James Gammon, “a squint-eyed, froggy voiced” character actor who played the manager in Major League; Billy Loes, a pitcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers; Wye Jamison Allanbrook, a musicologist “who altered modern ways of thinking about Mozart”; Kenny Guinn, a former governor of Nevada who fell off the roof of his house at age 73; David Wayne, who created the prototype for the “black box” fight data recorder; Larry Keith, a “veteran television and stage actor” who was the first American actor to portray Henry Higgins on Broadway and Lt. Gen. Peter Wells, the last commander of white Rhodesian forces in what is now Zimbabwe.

Missing was any mention of Larry Watson who died on July 20th at age 71.

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